Sherrylou is an extremely skilled bodyworker who provides hope to those who experience chronic pain. I had been experiencing debilitating lower back and hip pain for over three months. I couldn’t sit due to this pain, which was greatly inconveniencing my life. I had tried chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy and multiple types of massage and found only temporary relief. Then I started seeing Sherrylou weekly. Each week I felt my body shifting out of the patterns that had been locking me into such debilitating pain. After three weeks, the pain was completely gone and I could sit again! We then began working deeper into the postural issues that led to my pain. I am happy and proud to say that I am back to commuting daily on my bicycle and Sherrylou has modified our treatments to tune my body to cycling so that I can ride without fear of pain or injury.

Speaking as a student of acupuncture and a massage therapist of 11 years myself, I can confidently say that Sherrylou is one of the most competent and educated bodyworkers I have ever met and I would recommend her whole heartedly. She draws from a wealth of knowledge and can provide both physical and emotional tools for dealing with pain and obstacles in life. I am honored and very grateful to have found her and have her in my life. Thank You Sherrylou! You have improved my quality of life tremendously.

~Erika Dahleim
Massage Therapist, Graduate student of Traditional Chinese Medicine, San Francisco

Sherrylou is amazing! I was fortunate to find her when I threw my back out earlier this year. She had me back on my feet faster than I have ever experienced. If your body were an automobile, she’d be it’s super, fix-it, genius mechanic. I’ve spent literally thousands of dollars of out-of-pocket dollars attempting to resolve some health issues and her bodywork is the only thing that has given me real results. This is no airy, fairy spa massage. It’s real, effective, therapeutic bodywork. She is a problem solver. I’ve had certain muscles that had stopped working that she “turned back on” within minutes. She also helped unravel some perplexing neck issues I had had. She is also very reasonable priced.

~Coleen O’Connor
Yoga Instructor, San Francisco

I had on-going back pain for twenty years and many surgeries over the years. My wife referred me to Sherrylou for severe back pain and muscle spasm. In one visit I had incredible relief and will continue to see Sherrylou on a regular basis. She is pleasant, extremely knowledgeable and certainly competent.

~Issa Elhinn,
San Francisco

I only recommend Sherrylou. I have been to many massage therapists and she’s the best all around.

I play golf and work at computer for hours daily. She’s a good listener and very skilled at pinpointing/relieving my aches/ pains and helping me back to good health.

Wish I could see her weekly!

~Joan S.
San Mateo, CA

Sherrylou is a super talented therapist. Not only in the physical results of her sessions, but in all wellness advice she has to offer. She is a wizard at calling out what habits my body can be reacting to and what I can do to prevent problems before they occur. Sherrylou’s sessions have helped me with several problem areas, namely my back and shoulders. But she also helped me realize problem areas that come together to ultimately improve problem areas. The greatest part is that all her talent and knowledge comes in the form of such a welcoming, friendly, and genuine person. It’s very easy to be comfortable and have a solid therapist relationship with Sherrylou, I recommend her to anybody who wants to better their mind and body.

~Eric W.
Mission, San Francisco

SherryLou is literally a life-saver for me. I have a history of lower back pain, including a surgery to repair a herniated disk. I sit at my desk for long periods of time. I play with my two year old. I do all kinds of things to mess up my back on a regular basis, and end up in a complete crisis roughly every few months, where I can’t stand up straight, I have stabbing pains, and I just can’t function. Enter SherryLou. She is like the mad scientist of muscle repair. She is so completeley effective and reliable. I have tried chiropractor after chiropractor, including those who are highly reviewed on Yelp and personal recommendations, but I have found that they don’t really help when I am having a back spasm or crisis. I have also tried accupuncture and traditional massage therapy. None of it heals my back like SherryLou’s work. She combines all the skills of a physical therapist, a massage therapist, and a chiropractor into one package.

What she does is a little hard to explain. It’s called Neuromuscular Reprogramming and Applied Kinesiology.. Here is my layman’s explanation. You lay on the massage table and she tests your muscle strength around the affected “problem” areas. (for me, is is usually lower back or shoulders/neck). For example, she’ll ask you to try to lift your leg straight up while she is pushing down on it, or she will ask you to push your arm out to the side while she is pushing in on it. She then searches for your weaknesses, and performs some massage work on the areas (sometimes on the complete other side of your body) that are the root cause of that weakness. Then she does the test again and VOILA! much stronger. She systematically works her way around your body, making sure that everything is balanced, strong, and awake. That’s right. she searches for the underlying cause of the problem and fixes that. I can’t tell you how many massage therapists I have been to who simply rub around the affected area, leaving me just as messed up as when I arrived. SherryLou is really amazing at understanding how everything is interconnected in your body, and how to release the pain. FYI.. her “body work”
sometimes feels like a massage, sometime it hurts a little (she will lighten up if if it’s too “deep” for you), and sometimes it just plain tickles! (at least for me, I’m super ticklish). She is VERY good at adjusting her work to your preferences and your body (more pressure / less pressure / work around ticklish spots, etc)

I see SherryLou when I’m having some type of back spasm for sure, but also other times when I just want a little “tune-up”, like before we get on a flight for a trip with my family or when I am in need of a little pampering. She also does more traditional massage work, so her offerings really depend on what you need at the moment (fixing a problem, relaxing, etc).

And finally, I love seeing SherryLou because she is truly a healer. You can tell that she is a caretaker by nature, she cares deeply about her clients, she is on top of all of the latest research & practices in her field, and she is so in tune with your body. I can’t say enough good things about her!

~Sherri H.
San Francisco

I was refered to Sherilou and I am grateful! She is a very talented and knowledgeable therapist. I have had issues off and on for years. I met Sherilou for the first time a few months ago and I was desperate. I am a 20+ year hairstylist and also I kayak. I have pain in my upper body – neck, shoulders. When I met her I was in need of some relief. I have been to chiroprators and have been to acupuncture. I have had good results with both but Sherilou is the best. She works on my body and knows how to correct my issues and heals my body. I know I am getting stronger and better with every session with her. I feel better than I have felt in a long time. Sherilou not only heals my body she is very good at explaning what she is doing and educates you on how to maintain your body.

~Samantha D.
San Francisco, CA

Sherrylou is a gifted healer, a bright light who exudes warmth and compassion. As a senior who has experienced many types of bodywork, her unique combination of various modalities offers consistent relief from chronic neck and shoulder pain, as well as balance and deep relaxation. I’m a former Bay Area resident now residing in Washington State, and make frequent road trips to visit family in San Diego; I always schedule time with Sherrylou when passing through, and can’t imagine surviving the long drive without her healing touch!

~Kathryn Vinciguerra
Bellingham, WA